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Protecting Health Staff, Clients & Assets

Over 20 Years experience in Healthcare Security Services operating persuant to Aus Standards for Healthcare Security.
Hospitals, Aged Care & Clinic Security Services
COVID Compliance, Security Escorts, Access Control
Security Management Plans, Compliance & Control

Client Profile
Melbourne Western Private

Western Private Hospital Melbourne Victoria

Western Private Hospital

We are trusted by Melbourne’s Western Private Hospital providing a full Healthcare Security Service.

Compliant with Australian Standards for HealthCare Security

  • ASIAL Member
  • Fully Licensed
  • Over 20 Years in Healthcare Security
  • Healthcare Security Risk and Audit
  • Full Security Documentation Control
  • Healthcare Trained and Experienced Guards
  • Trust Us To Fill Your Security Administration Role

Benefits & Services We Offer

COVID Compliance

Healthcare trained security presence. Regulatory compliance of current COVID rules for your healthcare service. We can provide healthcare security guards, enforcing mask-wearing rules, QR Code compliance by guests and management and reporting of manual QR code requirements as well as maintaining mandated government controls relating to social distancing rules and sanitising procedures in a friendly manner to your sites and their visitors.

Full Service Security

We provide professional full service security in healthcare. From responding to duress alarms, and sensitive-area alarms, such as pharmacy intrusion systems to controlling access to sensitive and secure facilites as per our healthcare security management plans, you can rest assured we are experienced with understanding the need for full transparency and documentation requirements in highly-regulated healthcare environments.

Cost-Effective Healthcare Security

We provide a cost-effective solution to security in healthcare and aged care settings. An in-house security team is expensive to run and requires management of licensing, staffing and training. By outsourcing your healthcare security needs to AHSS, you get your own dedicated security team, with training, staffing and licensing handled by us. Take the worry out of your security needs and get back to doing what you do best, and we will focus on what we do best. Protecting your staff, assets and reputation.

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