Australian Health Security Services

Healthcare Security Services

Trusted by hospitals and aged care facilities


From the moment your staff, patients and visitors arrive, our healthcare concierge service takes care of all your access control responsibilities. We provide full-service front-of-house concierge for hospitals and aged care facilities. Services include access-control, issuing identification cards, signing in and authorising contractors and directing visitors.

Security Escorts

Protecting your people should be your number one priority. Our healthcare secureity services include the safety and wellbeing of your staff, from nurses, doctors and support staff, safely escorting staff to car parks and public transport stations. With healthcare a 24 hour operation, it's vital your staff have a safe escort in high-risk areas and at night.

Health and Safety

We provide healthcare trained OH&S security services, with our officers compliant in alarm response, duress alarms, fire alarms and operating as safety officers in emergency situations and responding to healthcare emergency codes for aggression response, such as armed and unarmed threats.

Over 25 years experience, ASIAL member and trusted by hospitals and aged care.

Roving Security Patrols

A security presence and visibility presents a deterant to potential threats from aggression, theft, robbery and provides confidence in staff and patients that their safety is paramount. We provide healthcare roving officers to hospitals and aged care, randomly inspecting access point security, vacant wards and buildings, carparks, restricted areas and visitor areas.

Pharmacy Security

Healthcare facility pharmacies require specialist security services, with access compliance and response. We provide a full service with access compliance, threat response and duress and alarm response to pharmacy alarms, and are experienced with monitoring system back to base installation and monitoring with our third-party systems partner.

Healthcare Restricted Access

We are experienced with managing restricted area access, such as medicine safes, valuables lockups and other restricted access areas. We provide a full quality management audit system of access to these areas in addition to monitoring systems, alarms and back-to-base monitoring and response.